Sunday, July 02, 2006

New start

After having messed up the blog replacing the templates, I acted upon a brainwave from himself & decided that in honor of moving to fair isle i would start up a replacement blog & also a dedicated blog ring for fair isle knitters

Bog updates from here on in can be found here

Saturday, July 01, 2006

well that was good huh

Thought id revamp the blog a bit with a new template, but didnt stop to think that id loose all my ring codes & cant remember the ringsurf logg in details to replace the code, looks like i'll be rejoining a few lol


Spent yesterday in Aberdeen suffering in the heat. Collected the now serviced boat engine, dropped our eldest off at my folks where she is staying for a week of sillyness & shopping with her Gran, then headed to hubbys folks mid afternoon as we were due to attend a BBQ at 5.30pm in the village, got there to find out it had been put back to 6pm, so figured thats ok, we'll head home at 7.30 instead of 7pm cos the lil uns had had a long day, were both tired & had had more than enough heat for one day. Anyhoo the bbq ended up not starting till near 7pm due to himselfs sister being her usual over late & we didnt get home till 9.30, which meant the lil uns werent in bed till 10pm, over tired & no doubt theyre gonna be real cranky today.

But, it made us put our head together & decided to merge the 2 planned bbq's for july into just one big bbq & make things easier for the lil uns to cope with & easier for us not loosing packing time too. So instead we shall be having one super huge bbq which is mostly for neighbours & other folks in our street & very close friends.

Picked up some watercolour pencils in the city so am now, at 6am, playing with colours on the sweater designs, progress is good !

Friday, June 30, 2006


how can you endure rain in scotland with temps of 68f outside... It just hasnt happened before here, it was raining hard yet there were clouds of steam errupting from any concrete/tar surface where the rain laid & inside it was clammy & muggy as heck.

Todays total 9 boxes , the kitchen is now stripped down to, well, put it this way, salads for 5 weeks with the addition of new potatoes if im in a good mood, i left only the potatoe pan in the kitchen.

Now starts the endless round of good bye bbq's, the first is saterday, then 3 more before the end of july, or, every weekend until we move we have a bbq to attend.

Didnt knit anything today, far to muggy to even think about.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

5 weeks & I'm flagging

This heat has put us way behind on the amount of packing we wanted to get done before the kids break for summer holls tomorrow, this means all the more packing to be done in a house full of teen kids + friends... wonder if i could get them all wrapping crockery for a few days !

Really really really hot today 85f (which is well hot for here) the lil kids just would not come inside even for 10 mins & get out of the heat, so in after lunch time opted to doddle round to grannys which is 5 mins walk away & go play on the beach there which has a freshwater stream running into it & is always really cool, spent 10 mins throwing bucket's of water over the kids with them screaming out for more mummy more ! Think they really enjoyed the chance to cool down.

Did get 2 boxes packed today, started on the linen closet & also packed a box full of misc coats & jackets that seamed to fill the hangers in the hall way.

Got my 6 sweaters design'd by 3am this morning, slept for 4 hrs then at breakie went looking for the pencils to start playing with colour theme's & guess what, ive only been so organised in packing the studio that ive packed all the pencils too, ner mind, going into city on saterday to drop eldest daughter off for a week with my folks & will pop down to the art store & pick up another pack of watercolour pencils (need them to be blendable in order to get hue )

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

5 weeks & 1 day to go

The weather continues to be cruel, it is simply far to hot to be inside packing boxes at the moment... thus we did a grand total of 1 box today, although it was a somewhat large box.... Instead we decided to hop out in search of icecream & some shade for a few hrs but after taking the lil uns to local cafe for icecream we ended up having a paddle on the beach which was much cooler than shade would have been.

Got the first sock up past the gusset decreases while sat on the beach & the lil uns splashed away in a shallow rock pool, its coming along albeit somewhat slowly.

Last night i started designing some fair isle sweaters to work on once we get up to fair isle, these will be 100% hand knit & sold through the islands co-op, im only designing 6 to do over the long winter, but want to get the designs & colours organised so i can get my list sorted out for yarn shopping, ill be having a day in lerwick (between flight run arround for a few hrs) picking up things which we need & didnt think to take (no doubt there will be something) & popping into jamiesons of shetland to match up colours & buy enough yarn for all the sweaters as travel to lerwick in the depths of winter is totaly dependant on the weather & getting back to fair isle in the same day cannot be guarantee'd.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

5 weeks & 2 days to go

Spent this evening surrounded in wine & beer boxes.................. All of them empty im afraid. Books, not a good word in this house at the moment considering there are thousands of books, we're having to be seriously dissaplined here & only take those which we feel we 100% must take, so tonight I packed up 99% of the knitting books leaving out the sock books since im only knitting socks at the moment & really dont want to knit the same pattern over & over. Quilting books are all packed, 5 yrs of quilting & knitting mags are packed (no way are they being left behind !) and ive started on the shelves of cook books (i collect pre 1900 cook books and have a fair few) & i packed my music & score books/sheets, which all in all meant another 15 boxes got packed tonight, not a bad going, once we get past the books we are pretty much over the worst stage & finished with all the extra's over & above day to day living equipment, but its still stressfull just finding space to stack all the packed boxes without them being in the way. My studio area is now totaly packed up & filled with packed boxes.

We've started working some lobster pots, our neighbours have planned a big street party/bbq for our leaving and also to allow us to celebrate our neighbours husbands 60th birthday, he isnt 60 until feb 07 but we decided he could be 60 for a day in august just so we dont miss out celebrating him with it, but our one rule was that we provide our usual bucket of 20 lobsters to the bbq, so hubby has just been out & set 20 creels to work this week.

I started ferry shopping for the lil girls today whilst we were grocery shopping, im a lil worried that with the excitement of moving house & having to take a big boat & an airplane, this might prove to be a rather sleepless night for them on the ferry up to lerwick, and having checked out the kids play area aboard the big ferry, there just isnt anything to keep kids amused for more than 5 mins, so we are filling a pack with colouring books, crayons, jigsaws, snap cards etc etc to amuse them all night if need be & if its a nice night out we'll prob spend a lot of time up on the top deck reading books & watching the world pass us by, im not going to insist on any bedtime during the overnight trip, if they nap, fine, if they dont, fine, tis a sad person whom curtails a childs excitment.

Anyhoo, back to the socks, lichen rib socks from knitting vintage socks in handspun polworth/alpaca blend dyed blues & greens hope to have the first sock finished tomorrow.

Monday, June 26, 2006

5 weeks & 3 days to go

Till we leave to begin new life on Fair Isle. The packing is going well, empty & full boxes are now taking over the houses causing general chaos & mayhem but its all on track to be pretty much 99% done by the final week.

The puter im still worried about, its just not sounding good at all, im thinking we have various hardware failures about to happen but we cant afford to do nout about it till early next year, to many expenses with moving & equiping the croft on fair isle once we get there.